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Our Special Rose

Our special rose that God gave to me,
have two petals that are my husband Everett & Me,
and seven more petals that are our children,
Tammy, Debbie, Butch, Lucy, Timmy, Tony, and Mikey
whom we love so dearly.

You've taken two petals to Heaven to be with thee,
Our son, Butch, has been with you eight years,
our daughter, Debbie, only three.
So Lord if you have to take another petal,
from our special rose you gave to me,
and it is thy will to be,
Please leave our precious children,
who still have so much life left to see.
Take the two worn out, wilting petals,
that are my husband and me.

Poem by: Sue Hall

Dedicated to the memory of Butch, Debbie, & Mathias
and all the Mother's and Father's who have lost children.