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In Loving Memory Of Nicholas Ryan Peterson

To a Bereaved Parent

Children are so very lovely
When they first are born
They transform a house once lonely
To a Home that's full and warm

Bright with Hope and full of future
They bring joy to just be there
A fulfilling role to nurture,
Watch them grow, become aware

But as they grow and go away
With contortions, fits, and starts
Choices that hurt them, will hurt us too
And even break our hearts

Do all you can , say what you may
It is still their life to live
You Scream "look out!" they yell "get away,
You can't tell me how to live!"

Why can't they see , How can't they know
We only want what's best
The ones that gave them life and love
Can't "just give it a rest"

No parent wants to ever think
That they will still be here
To have to attend the final rites
For a child that they've held dear

But Life is unpredictable
Unfolds, not like it should
I hope that you can find some peace
Knowing You did all you could.

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